WiscAr Infrastructure

The WiscAr lab is housed in five rooms on the third floor of Weeks Hall for Geological Sciences. The two 40Ar/39Ar analytical systems, one featuring an NGX-600 mass spectrometer fitted with 5 Faraday detectors with Atona amplifiers and a ion counter, the other a Nu Instruments Noblesse 5-collector spectrometer fitted with 4 ion counters, are in a climate controlled room along with their computer and electronics controls.  The MAP 215-50 mass spectrometer is being updated to faciliate measurement of 3He for surface exposure dating.

Sample processing is done in three adjacent rooms.  This sample preparation laboratory suite will house two new fume hoods and equipment for magnetic, density, hydrodynamic, and ultrasonic cleaning and optical mineral separation.  Radioactive samples are stored near binocular picking microscopes.

In addition, a rock crushing room is located in the basement of Weeks Hall, and the Cameron Electron Microprobe Laboratory that has a scanning electron microscope used extensively by WiscAr staff and students is on the third floor.

A photographic tour and details of the laboratory construction are found in the links to each lab in the left menu bar.